It’s Difficult To Do Damage Control When No One Tells You What Is Wrong.

Here I was humming along for the past year thinking that my 2 shopping sites were operating normally. Now I have discovered that the major search engines are still not carrying my sites in their proper categories, as well as inserting someone else’s images in my image list. I have had to resubmit the sites through a submission robot yet again. Or maybe it is normal for the sites to drop off after a year; I don’t know. I have posted my contact email addresses on the sites so that people can let me know if a link or posting is not correct or isn’t working. So far I have had crickets. This means I have lost sales, lost contacts and lost any real presence on the internet. I keep getting dunned by Indian SEO optimizing services trying to charge me $$$ to do what I do myself. I taught myself HTML coding and try to keep up with the latest changes, but apparently the sites work for me but don’t show up in the proper listing categories anyway. The people I need to reach don’t even see them. I promote them on Facebook but no one visits anyway.

This is becoming a bone of contention for me. These so-called “major” search engines can’t be bothered to do the proper placement for small businesses, granting favored status to giant retailers instead. I will not carry Google or other click ads, period. They distract from my products, which I work hard on, and try to price fairly. What gives them the right to hide my sites in cubbyholes? If they were honest and fair they would allow for an open platform like they used to. Now, it’s just advertising and commercials 24/7.

Also, once in a while a cyber squatter from overseas (China or India) tells me they are going to buy the suffixes for my sites, which I have not bought because I don’t do business in their countries, and to take my trademarks for their own. I usually just report their contact addresses to the FBI and the UN Internet Relations Board and warn them off when I think they are being a bit pushy. Their arrogance and stupidity is shocking. If they were in the room with me I would be sorely tempted to take a baseball bat and knock their blocks off. They are thieves, pure and simple, and they deserve to be shut down.

It is bad enough that I have to put up with the constant presence of Amazon (800 lb. gorilla) overshadowing everyone else on the internet. I am a small mammal. It is to my advantage to remain small while all the other digital creatures whittle that monstrosity down to size. So far it is working, and I am still waiting for the Dept. of Justice to focus on breaking it up. Moody’s has downgraded its credit rating to BAA (down from AAA). And it thinks it can make an end run around the FAA, which so far has resisted giving it a go for drone deliveries. Let’s face it. If a delivery drone goes down because someone decides to shoot it, it will spell the end of drone deliveries, and Bezos will have to explain the loss of the packages. Not to even mention the intrusions into restricted air spaces, and the attendant buzzing noise everywhere. It has already been reported that the FAA has been inundated with numerous complaints from commercial airlines about anonymous drones straying too close to their fight paths. I would rather he spent the money on hiring delivery services and pay workers to truck the packages around. A drone does not eat, it does not drink, and it does not pay rent. And it robs a human being of a job. How is he going to sell anything if no one has a job? Let him figure it out. Nuff said.

As for me, if I have said anything negative it is because the whole country has turned negative. We have minorities and their supporters marching in the streets because of old resentments revived by murder, chronyism, stupidity, racism and greed. We have pundits making up stuff instead of presenting the news in a fair and balanced manner. We have radio talk show hosts preaching to the choir and advancing their biased opinions to a flock of narrow-minded sheep with hate in their hearts. We have so-called “news” channels focusing on one or two domestic topics instead of real news during the day. We only get the world view after 11 or midnight, or have to go to a different news channel to get the world view. We have self-proclaimed “prophets” declaring that anyone who does not believe the way they do should go to Hell. We have selfish, ignorant politicians blocking nominations or bills which would restore our country to health because they were bought and paid for by major corporations, who ensured that they were elected by any means necessary. Now we have roll-backs of needed legislation because the politicians are more focused on keeping their jobs than actually doing the will of the people they were elected to serve. In fact, I am looking forward to yet another political failure and fervently hope that the government shuts down, because that is the only way to get people to look at what has gone wrong. Without needed government services, the politicians will have demonstrated what their greed and selfishness can do to a country. And it won’t be pretty when the recall elections start. Must the American people, who paid these clowns’ salaries, be disenfranchised further by Congress’s inaction and lack of political will to be adults? I think not.

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Hello, I’m back.

After a long hiatus from blogging, trying new sites and also refraining from venting about certain large corporate retailers which shall remain unnamed, I decided that WordPress was probably the best place to be. I was not satisfied to just throw something on here for the sake of writing a blog post. I want to preserved something of a presence on the internet, since I mostly post things on Facebook anyway. But not everyone sees my posts there or gets the full value of my site, because the links just don’t seem to

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